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- efficiency analysis
- consulting
- planning support
- workshops

Owner: Siegfried Lessing-Wenzel

Innovative warmth systems and climate systems for buildings consist of environmentally compatible boilers, regenerative supply systems and latent-heat storage tanks, today. To obtain a networked efficiency, return pipe temperature led control systems are used for optimal flows.

energy effiency sustainability

Solar transfer belongs to the pioneers of applied regenerative energy systems engineering, energy recuperation systems, development of energy efficient buildings which got awards, since 1985. The material basis for energy efficiency is the hybrid networking of the building to an optimized energy system. The Ing-office Solar Transfer, owner Siegfried Lessing-Wenzel, Dipl. Ing., makes efficiency analyses, offers advice and planning support, supports in research and development of new products, organizes workshops and seminars. A further key aspect is the customer-oriented development of warmth-/ cold storage systems.

icebear energy systems ag
distribution logistic

Icebear Energy AG sells efficiency systems which are produced in Switzerland and in China. The president Yiwen Jin is successfully working in the product obtaining, he is working in Europe for a long time and knows the Asian and European markets firsthand.

We offer the following products:
-thermal collectors (plate and vaccumpipe)
-photovoltaic modules

Both companies together guarantee future safety, increase in value and sustainability.